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加拿大28在线预测凤凰-加拿大28预测大神预测-pc加拿大在线预测网-加拿大28组合精准算法-加拿大28在线预测网站大白 (formerly: Hangzhou Xingyuan filter press Co., Ltd.) is the top manufacturer and service provider for filter press filtration integration solution in China, combining slurry, filtration process research, control system design, filter press production and system commissioning service, Xingyuan Filter provide professional filtration integration solution for clients in Environmental protection, Mineral processing, Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceutical industries, etc. The filter press sales area cover all provinces in China, and have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

加拿大28在线预测凤凰-加拿大28预测大神预测-pc加拿大在线预测网-加拿大28组合精准算法-加拿大28在线预测网站大白In the past 20 years development, Xingyuan Filter gradually became the technology leadership in China filter press industry, and a filter press industry technology leader and pioneer for new application market. In recent years, Xingyuan R & D has extended from the filter press manufacturing technology to material pre-processing, system control research and development, forming a comprehensive coverage of advanced technology in the whole filter press filtration system. Xingyuan is the first to achieve the transformation from filter press manufacturer to filter press system integration service providers in China, provide thorough filter press system integration solution through continuous creation.

加拿大28在线预测凤凰-加拿大28预测大神预测-pc加拿大在线预测网-加拿大28组合精准算法-加拿大28在线预测网站大白On September 27, 2011, Xingyuan filter initial public offering and successfully listed on the GEM (Stock name: Xingyuan filter, Stock code: 300266), becoming the first listed company in China filter press industry.

加拿大28在线预测凤凰-加拿大28预测大神预测-pc加拿大在线预测网-加拿大28组合精准算法-加拿大28在线预测网站大白Xingyuan filter is the maindraftsmanof China filter press industry standard, responsible for China filter press industry standards such as drafting, revising etc, Xingyuan is China filter press industry technology leader.

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